Founded five years ago Grass Roots is a outgrowth of the Belridge Buddies Inc Group. The Buddies were formed many years ago with the aim to provide sport and recreation for our older children. This group flourished and became so much more, socialization, sport and support for families, siblings and carers. Check out our Belridge Buddies site and see where they are to-day. Grass Roots Inc is a non-profit organization, a tax-deductible entity that provides disability support services to people and families in a range of critical areas; respite and crisis care for over eighteens, training, seminars, sibling camps, supported family holidays and continued learning for our young disabled people. Our Grass Roots parents want to take the initiative to provide independent housing for their children. A life-time accommodation that delivers; stability, companionship, security and a aged-care provision when needed. We can do this by drawing on the strength of parents and the help of our volunteers, with assistance from business and government. Work is well under way in this area, with wide support from parents and the community. With-in these families there is a great source of courage, love, happiness and hope. Our facilities are used by other charities and providers, educating and growing partnerships and a broader community understanding of these special people.

Grass Roots