Board Members

The Board

Eileen Peterson Chairperson
Frances Tierney CEO
Professor Paul Skerritt Prof MBBS. DPM. MRCP Psych.
John Hillen Treasurer Bcom ACA(NZ)
MNIA Registered Tax Agent
Shelley Civitico Secretary B.Ed Dip Teaching.

Founding Members

Senetor David Johnson B.Juris. Senator WA
Fran Duncan (Deceased) B.Ed Di


Rochelle Castine Clinical Psychologist

Contact Us

Frances Tierney 0401 134 338
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Message from Chairperson:

My introduction to grassroots via Fran president of the Belridge Buddies group, a long time friend was a phone call to see if I could take on the coaching of her disabled ten pin bowling group to get them to the national championships in Canberra in 2003. This call changed my life as I could never have dreamed. The interaction with these disabled bowlers and their families and their circumstances found me totally unprepared. The pressures and life style changes for all concerned were unimaginable to me in their quest to provide and raise these special people. We are now part of a huge family which has brought me no end of pleasure and frustration, anger and disbelief due to lack of services and future provision in a safe environment. The joy at seeing the achievements which other people take for granted continues to amaze me. Two national titles and twice runner up in the last four years of competition shows what can be achieved with a little faith and a lot of hard work. On accepting a position on the board of grassroots I could not think of a better way to spend my retirement than to continue to strive for a better life for all these people. I hope my story encourages you to support the dream via your company and reap the unlimited rewards. I thank you for reading my letter.

Eileen Peterson

Grass Roots